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Greetings from Alpha Chi Chi Chapter!



Partnership Involvement

Alpha Chi Chi has partnered with the Empowering Network which is an organization that does free prostate screening in underserved/uninsured areas mostly focusing on minorities. The partnership has been very successful, we have met at a local church during a Men’s Day Breakfast fundraiser.  During this partnership over 40 men got screened for Prostate and over 60 received BMI and Blood Pressure checks. Sorors educated on Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Disease while Empowering Network focused on prostate education.


Programs for Youths and Young Adults

Alpha Chi Chi participated at an inter-city all- girls school health fair. The focus this year was the Heart. Several Sorors educated on the functionality of the heart by showing pictures and videos as well shared the importance of exercising and healthy diet.  BMI’s, height and weights were taken on over 100 students ranging in age from 5th-8th grade and educational materials were shared.

During the month of October, Sorors partnered with a local church that was having a Trunk a Treat event. The age range was from one to ten-year old.  Sorors passed out healthy snacks and the children played video games that was related to eating health and being active.  Prizes were given to the children for listening and participating. There were over 150 children at the event.


Community Outreach

Alpha Chi Chi Chapter supported a need family with a grocery gift card for Thanksgiving. The family was so appreciative of the Chapter’s act of kindness.

During the Christmas holiday, we adopted a needy family. We showered the mom, dad and child with gifts and gift cards.  We worked with a local food panty and got food donated for a Christmas dinner.  The family was so grateful and said without us their holiday wouldn’t have been this great. 

Chapter News


Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Alpha Chi Chi members have participated in the American Heart Association Event in February, Kidney Sunday Events in March, Go Red Go in April and African Arts Festival in May.  Sorors educated on the importance of controlling your blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol through diet and being active. BMI and blood pressure screenings were performed.  Educational materials were given and participation in improving their health was encouraged.    

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