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Gamma Eta

Columbus OH

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Chapter News


Gamma Eta Chapter initiated an educational program for teen girls, grades five through twelve, who attend Columbus Public Schools, Columbus, Ohio.  The program consists of five educational sessions from which teachers and principals choose the content for their girls to receive.  The topics are: Body Basics: Healthy Hygiene Practices; Healthy Relationships; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Self Esteem/Mental Health and Basics of Being a Young Lady.   The presentations have been conducted since January 2017.  Students have been inquisitive and eager to contribute to discussions.  Teachers and principals have been very receptive and other teachers have reached out to Gamma Eta for presentations in their schools.  Teachers comment that the educational sessions serve as tools to reinforce information they introduce to students.  The teachers believe students grow from hearing persons from outside of the school talk about topics that the teachers believe are important to students learning.  Currently plans are being discussed to make the presentations in some schools an annual activity.  

Gamma Eta Chapter initiated a project of support to women of the Van Buren Homeless Shelter, Columbus, Ohio.  The project is ongoing and the chapter's support has focused on activities to strengthen the women's efforts to stay physically healthy, to cope and to remain emotionally strong while they are displaced and living in a homeless shelter.  The women and the staff at the shelter have shown great interest in Gamma Eta's " Chat with the Nurses" a 60 minute interactive forum that addresses emotions and feelings associated with the women's situations.  "Chats with the Nurses" are conducted at special times during the year e.g. Christmas and Valentine's Day.  Additional support to the women was given i when 105 homeless women received a purse/over body bags filled with personal items.  Gamma Eta members, along with students from one of the schools receiving the Body Basics education, worked together to collect items for the bags.  


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President Cynthia Jackson

Dean of Membership Roberta Glover

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